Grout & Caulk in Staten Island, New York

Restore the beauty of you tile work with grout and caulk replacement services from AAA Reglazing in Staten Island, New York. Other services will try to convince you that the only solution to an outdated or discolored tile arrangement is a complete retiling job. At AAA Reglazing, we spare unnecessary replacement expenses every step of the way!
Before Tiling, Grout and Caulk in Staten Island, NY
After Tiling, Grout and Caulk in Staten Island, NY

Tile Re-grouting

Let AAA Reglazing cut out your old, discolored grout and replace it with clean, beautiful new grout. After your grout work is complete, we clean and polish your tiles for a brand new appearance. A full re-grouting job will last for between 10 and 15 years. Allow 24 hours for new grout to fully dry and set. At AAA Reglazing, you have the option of any color of grout you like to complement your existing tile and fixtures. Get a free estimate on re-grouting services and enjoy functionality, beauty, and waterproofing perfection.



Aging caulk is unsightly and ineffectual at waterproofing your walls. AAA Reglazing can come in and cut away your old, molded, ugly caulk and replace it with fresh, new silicone caulk. Re-caulking seals your bath and shower pan so you don't incur leaks and costly water damage. You should have your caulk replaced every three years. Make sure the job gets done right by hiring the professionals at AAA Reglazing.

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