Bathtub Refinishing in Staten Island, New York

For all of your bathtub refinishing needs, trust in AAA Reglazing of Staten Island, New York. We promise you long-lasting results and total satisfaction on every job we complete.
Before Tile Work, Bathtub Refinishing in Staten Island, NY
After Tile Work, Bathtub Refinishing in Staten Island, NY

Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

Save money on your bathroom makeover with bathtub and tile refinishing services from AAA Reglazing. Our refinishing services are a cost-effective alternative to replacing your dinged, chipped, or damaged tub. In less than one day, your worn out fixtures can be restored to their original luster, sparing you the down-time and hassle of replacement, as well as 70% on your overall cost of replacement. Reglazing can last up to 10 years if customers care for their fixtures according to the proper methods we demonstrate for them. At every job we complete, we leave a full set of instructions on proper maintenance to ensure the life of your fixture. We refinish a variety of fixtures and appliances of various materials, including:

   •  Kitchen Sinks
   •  Bathroom Sinks
   •  Refrigerators
   •  Stoves
   •  Fiberglass Tubs
   •  Steel Tubs
   •  Porcelain Tubs
   •  Claw-Foot Tubs

Pick Your Own Color

At AAA Reglazing, we use a specialized glaze that will not only restore, but update and improve upon your original fixture. Choosing AAA Reglazing gives you the option of maintaining your current fixtures and materials while customizing the color options available to you. Choose from our wide array of color options, request a special custom color unique to your tastes.


Chip Repair

If you only need to repair some minor chipping, our chip repair services are fit for the task. We can come in and fill the chip, then file it down, for a seamless, cost-effective repair. Once we file it down, we match your existing glaze perfectly for a clean, durable repair that will extend the life of your fixture by up to 10 years.

Contact AAA Reglazing in Staten Island, New York, to request an estimate on our refinishing and chip repair services.